Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I Didn't See

My trip to Honduras was very focused on producing the Summit and building relationships with the team I would serve with. But literally across the street and this river from our venue is the Honduras I didn't see with my own eyes.

I had the opportunity to hear stories about this part of life in Honduras through the pictures taken by some traveling with the WCA and the stories of Honduran pastors over dinner. The hardship they face doing ministry with little or no financial resources, with crime and oppresion, I cannot find words...

Compassion Internation traveled with several WCA pastors to build relationships between American churches and the Honduran churches who are ministering to this part of the community. Some people who have sponosored Honduran children got to meet their kids. It was powerful for them to see the work and impact that Compassion is actually having there.
I'll share some photos from their experience...

This is the neighborhood...

This is this families home. Can you get a sense of the size? This is all there is? They all share this bed. The newspaper is on the walls to provide insulation.

The children who are sponsored through Compaasion International get food and medical care and education.
This clip was put together by one of the American pastors who visited the projects. (Turns out he's married to Art Wilmore's daughter... shout out to my home church in California)
Half of the Honduran population is under 25 and WAY too many of them live like this. The local church, Compassion Intl. and I pray, the Summit will make a difference in the lives of these kids and as a result their families and the community. Sponsor a child

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