Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update from Chris

So I am through the worst of the hurricane and giving a quick update (although I think the meat of what I would have said is already on my mom's blog):

The hurricane was quite a bit of fun. I don't know why, but it cracked me up seeing my classmates sleeping by the milk refrigerator, the salad bar, the grill counter, etc. It was a fun and unusual experience and I was never particularly worried about damage or my life or anything so that made the whole thing fine. Except sleeping on the floor, which felt particularly uncomfortable last night. Everyone passed the time playing board games. I don't have a very good idea of the damage yet because they haven't let us out yet (there is still a curfew in Houston and at Rice). My window faces a flood plain and some large uprooted trees. All of the exit signs along the hallways leading to my room have come apart; apparently they are not constructed with hurricane winds in mind. There is some flooding in dorm rooms on the first floor and my room has some puddles (the windows are apparently not sealed water tight, but I had removed everything so there is no damage that matters). Power was flashing throughout the night so we were on generators most of the night. We didn't have water pressure around 8 this morning but it's fine now.

School is going well but keeping me very busy. I am currently considering dropping one of my classes and taking it next year so I can focus on each of my classes better (I have been getting my work done but not having time to read the books or pay attention in class, which is fine if all I care about is grades but not if I actually want to learn the material). Grading takes up a lot of time (12-14 hours a week from here on out). It is wonderful being on campus, for the food and the company. Having my own room is a mixed blessing: it means I can study more easily but it also means I have fewer incidental conversations with my roommates, which is unfortunate. But I suppose I get a fair amount of those over meals.

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