Friday, September 5, 2008

Need Help: Music Search

I'm looking for an instrumental underscore for a segment in our 9/7 services.
People will be writing in their journals while this plays

- quietish
- slow to mid range tempo
- not a familiar meloday

any suggestions?
So far i'm considering
Waiting by Acoustic Eidolon


Jos said...

Sounds of Wood and Steel (itunes) has some awesome acoustic songs... even How Great Thou Art, but the way it's arranged, you wouldn't recognize it... we've had this cd for years and I never knew that was the title of the song...

Jenna said...
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Jenna said...

I have a CD I picked up in Greece of monks chanting. It's pretty neat-o.

Heasleye said...

Familiar with David Nevue? He's a Christian and a piano soloist and composer from the Eugene area.

I worked with his wife when I was a student at George Fox. He was just starting out then, but now has many CDs. OK...probably more than you wanted to know, but I like to spread the word about him! :)


Wayne said...

Here's another that I like a lot for background when I'm at work.

Artist: Ray Lynch
Album: Nothing Above my Shoulders but the Evening

The Over Easy track is pretty nice. I checked and it's on itunes.

Kristin said...

There's other music besides Veggie Tales????? Just kidding.

I love anything by Lorie Line, a solo pianist--I have several of her CDs and I'm sure she's on ITunes as well.

Another good one is anything by Dan Gibson...He was a wonderful pianist who combined piano with nature sounds, but not in an annoying way...He's probably on ITunes as well.

Hope that helps.

David said...

I volunteer to play the bagpipes in a melody guaranteed not to have been previously heard from anyone before, lol.

David said...

Just thought of another one: Hymn to Hope, by Secret Garden. On ITunes, look for artist Secret Garden. They have tons of instrumental compositions suited for this kind of venue.

Janet Fraser said...

wow... loved the suggestions here! alot of it reminded me of my days working at a retail music store where i had more opportunity to listen to tracks from varied artists. I bought several of your suggestions!

and the winner is...
The nine- still deciding between Lori Line and Secret Garden

the eleventh hour- likely a suggestion from my son Chris- he's still looking...