Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris and Ike update

So for those people who have been emailing me asking me what I am doing about Ike:

Rice has told everyone to stay on campus. I know a few people who live in the Houston area who went home but 90% of people are staying on. They have a part of our dining hall reinforced for us to stay in if need be.
It should be really exciting :)
And it means no class tomorrow



Jos said...

When I asked you how Chris was this morning in my email, I didn't want to say "because of the hurricane"... thanks for posting an update ;)

Janet Fraser said...

update from Chris- nothing yet we met a while ago and they said we might be holed up in the servery (cafeteria) 12 - 15 hours. All of Wiess (his "college") That's 400 people starts tonight at 7pm. All of Wiess parked their cars in a Med Ctr garage to prevent exposure to debris in open parking lot. And Houston is sort of a ghost town.