Monday, August 4, 2008

Why "Worship"?

photo by Elaine Heasley
We've been singing a song in church the past couple of weeks. This week we shared the story behind the song, the story of the songwriter, Mike Guglielmucci, who was diagnosed with cancer, went home, pushed record in his studio and wrote the song, Healer.
Worship can lift you from where you are, and take you to takes you to a higher place when you begin to magnify God and begin to worship God and chose what you magnify, because you could make the situation bigger than it actually is. It's powerful when you can just get the name of Jesus and lift God up, higher, bigger, stronger, cause that's what He is, but when you begin to see Him for that and when you begin to worship Him, it's amazing what you can get through. -- Mike Guglielmucci

I've been dealing with some tough stuff recently and this statement cut to the deepest chord. In the big scheme of things, I could make my situation bigger than it actually is... or I could take my eyes off of me and realize that God is bigger, stronger, working out His plan, for all our good.

here's the line that rang out for me...
"choose what you magnify, because you can make the situation bigger than it actually is."
This juxtaposed against the reminder of how big, strong, glorious our God is, it blew my walls down.

Friday night, as we sang this song, I watched a dear friend, stand to her feet and cry out to God. She's had a really hard time believing that God would heal her. Sometimes I think it's not so much a question of whether he "could" heal her, but whether he "would." As I sang the lyric and watched her, I came undone. Later, when we talked, she said something like this... a piece broke off... the idea being that the hard protective shell we put up to protect ourselves, which in the end seperates us from the Healing God who loves us... that a piece of it was broken away, as a result of the message and the reminder of that song.

Sometimes I get all crossed up with using the expression worship for the singing we do in church, but when it helps me to magnify God as his spirit moves in us to break down walls... I don't care what we call it. I just want to make sure that we keep creating moments where this can happen.

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Tyler said...


GodSide said...

I didn't come Friday night expecting to get personal with focus was totally on beginning this month long prayer & fasting with my team. However when Jay intro'd Healer I knew things were about to change...from the minute the Mike started talking I lost it. You see just the day before I was in the doctors office...again facing the reality of having a chronic disease. I had asked my doc to find a new, cheaper drug for me...and she said there is none and scolded me for wanting to get off of a drug that has helped me. As the song began to be sung I could help express to God my disappointment and lack of faith in Him as my Healer. I've professed this Christian faith for 19 years now and am having a hard time reconciling a God who loves me and yet doesn't heal my disease. I have never faced something like this...something that hurts so deep and no one can relate or seem to speak words of true comfort or empathy. Friday was not what I expected to experience...and how I wish I could say God healed me...or filled me with peace...but I cannot. Maybe I am making this bigger than it is...but to me what is bigger than my health?

Anonymous said...

a comment for godside: what is bigger than your health? your relationship with and knowledge of your God and the way He works; the humility He can create in you by leaving your disease with you; the understanding, empathy and compassion for other sick people. and that's just three. with God there are always many more. if He doesn't heal He's got a reason. He wants to transform you in some way that healing would not accomplish. maybe He wants you to have the same degree of faith the three hebrews had before being thrown in the fire. "our God is able to deliver us. but even if He doesn't we'll serve Him alone. . ." i'm praying you'll know healing or know the reason why not. . . dan

Janet Fraser said...

Dan thanks for this... for all of us.