Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reality Check

Abby to me: Mom, why would Russia invade Georgia during the Olympics?
Me to Abby: I know lame... but I think they started before the Olympics started. Still lame.

several minutes pass

Abby to Me: Mom, is Chris still in Georgia?
Me: (trying to figure out how to answer this without somehow communicating that her not knowing is her mistake)
Abby to Me: (a little more urgent) Mom! is he near the war??
Me to Abby: Quick geography/current events lesson.

Couple of thoughts on this...
first, as a student of communication, it's interesting what is taken for granted when we communicate (or leave out) information, and maybe even more so from adults to children.

second, so many in my generation and the next don't really have a clue about what war really is... even with 9.11 (which incidentally Abby and I watched together in bed as the second plane hit), even with a cousin (pictured) about to return to his second tour in Iraq, and another cousin in the Navy. We really have no idea how brave some are and how fortunate most the rest of us Americans are.

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Abby said...

I thought we weren't going to embarass me on your blog haha.

-Your daughter :)