Friday, August 29, 2008

Camping Help Needed

So... I'm home tonight avoiding making decisions about food for our camping trip. I like camping.. hanging out with friends and family, living by the sun and moon but i really, really don't like the whole food part of camping. Actually, it's not as much the food as the dishes part. Hate trying to clean up after cooking food. Yes, that's it. Oh and I love hot food, not cold.

So, I could really use some suggestions, in a hurry because I leave in about 12 hours and am responsible for feeding 6 people 5 meals.


Saturday night- we bring dessert to share: I got this covered
Sunday a.m.-
Sunday lunch -
Sunday dinner
Monday breakfast -


Joni said...

Found you over at Matt Singley. What's with camping and the food thing? Seems all you do revolves around preparing food, eating food, cleaning up, and keeping the fire going for the next meal.

Well, I like hot camp food. We used a tripod stand over the fire holding a grill. Sausage, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes fried up in skillet(s); o.j./milk/coffee(either or) for breakfast or could boil water for instant oatmeal or cream of wheat if you like hot cereals; Lunch: hot dogs and/or hamburgers, or it might be easier to grill chicken parts(marinate in italian dressing overnight) so you don't have to deal with condiments and buns, potato or pasta salad or coleslaw or veggies and dip, potato chips or chips and salsa; Sunday dinner: haul up a pot of chili in the cooler so all you have to do is heat it over the fire with cornbread or fritos broken over top, Monday breakfast: banana or zucchini bread or other baked goods and the coffee. Bring flavored creamers or my favorite, dump a packet of hot chocolate powder and mix w/coffee instead of water.

Janet Fraser said...

Hey Joni! Thank you... SO much. loved your post on Matt's blog, but you probably already saw that! I'm for sure doing the chili idea... that sounds great. And thanks for the reminder to pack skillet(s). :-)

Stalked you a bit... are you on staff at Orchard? Facebook?

Joni said...

I'm not on staff but I sing with the worship team and lead some of the kids' worship(K-5th). We came to the Orchard Feb '06. Awesome place. I used to lead worship several years ago at Ginger Creek Comm Church( and helped their mom's group start a blog. I did a lot of programming work there for maybe 10+ years? Loved it. But we needed to move on (long story, nothing scandalous:)) I'm on Facebook but I really don't keep on top of that. Hey, did I just give you my resume? Love your blogs. I stalked you as well.

Janet Fraser said...

Camping Food Update
Saturday night- make raspberry/strawberry shortcake to share.

Sunday a.m. - breakfast was bagels, cold cereal, hot cereal, cocoa and I ate french toast someone shared

Sunday lunch- burrittos (no cooking) in the tent during a rain storm

Then we headed home due to the rain.