Sunday, June 15, 2008

Breakout Session Two: Philosphy of Multi-Gen Worship (Ross Parsley)

This was a VERY interesting session. Even with two service formats Sunset is committed to continuing to do ministry with a multi-gen emphasis.

From Ross' set up
I never thought about this... David did eventually become a trained warrior but when he was called to fight Goliath he didn't know how to "work" the armor. He grew in to what God had in mind for him, but that didn't mean that he didn't fight until he was fully ready.

Session Notes- 5 pages, so here are some highlights:

We should benefit from the experience, maturity and resources of the older while also benefitting from the energy, enthusiasm and innovation of the younger.

Church is like the dinner table with a family coming together. We don't get to pick our family. When the kids are at the table there is no denying it. Dinner with everyone is often work for the adults and very often the kids set the tone in the room?

Ideally the older delight in the younger balanced with the older lovingly training the younger. This takes patience and work.
IF the younger are not free to be themselves they don't look forward to being at the table.

Churches must figure out how to function, accept, embrace people as a family. The next generation wants to be rooted, celebrated, in relationship and have an identity and traditions.

Churches need cooperation. A relationship between generations where both give and take.

Churches need to embrace innovation and new ideas. The older can provide guard rails and coaching the youngers creativity.

Churches need respect. Mutual respect. All generations need to be allowed to give input and leadership opportunities within reason. We have to deliberately lean toward youth though in order to keep them at the table.

Churches need humility. I Peter 5:5-6

Practical Applications of these principles:
1- Make sure song selections overlap between meetings (Big church, students, elementary)
2- Include youth leaders in the main service as musicians, vocalists, communicators.
3- Invite the next gens creative input to shape the services. (We tend to "use" them vs. investing in them. Include them in a way that makes them feel valued.)

final thought- how do you let go and let other take on leadership?


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