Sunday, June 15, 2008

Breakout Session Four: Doing Life Changing Ministry with Volunteers (Joe Horness)

By the time I got to this session, I was spent. I literally sat on the floor in the back of the chapel at Willow, laptop plugged in and taking notes during the Session.
Ended up being good review for me.

- Most churches cannot afford to pay volunteers and WHY WOULD YOU? Every person was designed to use their gifts as part of the local church.
- people are called, compelled to serve
- people in your congregation should know you from the neighborhood

A. Create a place artists want to be
- excellence attracts excellence
- pray for God to bring the right people, be willing to wait
- audition people routinely- look for genuine giftedness, spiritual authenticity and emotional maturity.
B. Recruit
- cast a compelling vision and make a bold request

A. Connect personally - People will likely initially agree to serve because they feel a personal connection, they "like" you, not just because they are called to serve.
B. Connect as a team- devotions, prayer requests, sharing at rehearsal and 5-6 programming team meetings a year.
C. Divide and conquer- create a span of care that is manageable and covers everyone
D. Show up important events in the lives of your volunteers
E. Pray
Love God, love each other and use your gifts to change lives.

embrace the goals of an arts ministry, fruitfulness and fulfilment

A. Help them grow- skill, spiriturally
B. Rehearse
C. Challenge them to step up, have hard conversations
D. Mentor- provide opportunities to grow. Expose your team to experienced artists, it's inspirational to them.

A. Honor their time- communicate a schedule, be on time,prepare well for rehearsals. leaders HAVE to be prepared. Make all decisions you can make ahead of time.
B. Encourage- set a goal (i.e. 2 notes per Sunday)Pick up the Phone!
C. Cast Vision Every Chance You Get
- every chance you get
- forward notes/emails, bless people when you're blessed
- have hard conversations
- know when to let go of people
- celebrate together (i.e. a vocal team made up of people who had experienced tremendous life change sang a song together about this life change).

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