Friday, May 23, 2008


I've been struggling through the blogosphere, well really life, lately... reading others' posts, wondering if we really communicate what we mean when we post, wondering why I post, or rather watching it evolve. It has been evolving because I am using this blog to connect and communicate with my parents in California, thus all the newsy posts with pics. But that's not the whole truth. At core, this had become a place to share what was going on in my head and heart. A place to talk whether anyone listened or not.

But anything much more than "news" has most recently been left off the page because I'm in a stormy place in my life and am not sure how or what to share.
How much information is too much?
How much care must be given in the selection of what is written and what remains unwritten?
It seems inauthentic to post only the news that's fit to print when the other, is at least equally, but far more likely vastly more important in how God is refining and defining me.

Recently God has been giving me the opportunity to deepen several of my relationships. It's SO good and it requires more of me and more of them. Sometimes, it's "easier" to skim, to only know the surface. Knowing things, sharing things changes relationships and rightly so, but skimming is less risky and less challenging.

All I know is that I don't want to stay the same or maintain status quo in my life and my relationships. So I'm wading in...


Elaine said...

Good for you! I've had similar thoughts/questions about blogging. I figure that if I try to share my own changes, experiences and (hopefully) growth, it may be useful to someone...somehow.

Anonymous said...

I have no blog and I only have a couple of blogs I peek in on once a week or less. Blogs make me somewhat uncomfortable. They are like books or articles written by authors that you usually happen to know and are allowed to comment on. What they are not is relationships. I think there is a whole generation that would disagree with me on this and I will disagree with them right back.

Relationships start with "this is how I feel, how do you feel?" and move on to " hello my friend, I want to talk with you about this thing we share." Blogs are almost all about "this is how I feel," dip slightly into "how do you feel," and by their nature cannot transition into "hello my friend, I want to talk with you about this thing we share."

Blogs are broadcasting. Broadcasting can be interesting but we need to remember its place. It casts a wide net. It's not a time for intimacy. A phone call or even an email to a specific person says, "I want you to know how I feel because you matter to me. And I want to know how you feel. " You can focus on the the things you share, the two of you together.

Maybe this isn't the ideal time in your life to be broadcasting a lot.

Bonnie G.