Friday, May 9, 2008

Phil Wickham- rewind

I saw Phil Wickham tonight live at the Way.

He was recording a live acoustic worship night.

I first heard about him from Heather Davidson who is 20. She recommended the song "True Love" to me. loved it

Then I saw on Paul Frazier's (also 20) facebook that he was going to the show tonight.

Tyler Rose called on their way over to see if I wanted to join them. (They're early 20 something too).

I can't remember the last time I was one of the oldest people in the room... except my living room.

Hello church... there ARE college age kids on the west side.. lots of them and they are at the Way on Friday night. And... they know and sing hymns. The instrumentation tonight was one guitar, not an organ, and they SANG on hymns. I'd guess over 1/3 of Phils set was hymns.

It's strange for me to be in a worship experience where I know few of the songs coming in. My favorite moment was probably being introduced to the song "Beautiful" There was a moment where the crowd knew the song and began to hum while Phil carried the lyric. It was sweet.

Here's a post from the night


Elaine said...

Love Phil Wickham's songs, and Beautiful is one of my faves. Very cool that you got to see him live!

Seth said...

Phil Wickham is awesome. "Sailing on a Ship" and "Messiah" are my favorites.

Janet Fraser said...

wow, wish i'd know that you guys liked him... the recording was FREE at Solid Rock Friday night. They're posting it to his website.

He sang Messiah and Sailing on a Ship too :-)
sorry was that rubbing it in ;-/