Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Work today felt a little like being in college in all the good ways...
Got to spend time on a fun and challenging homework project. Kent and I are working on a promotional video clip for Serves Up, the June 21st day when Sunset church will be "leaving the building" and loving our community. When I got home tonight, my daughter Abby had almost the same assignment from school, only her task is to create a trailer for "The Great Gatsby"

Then, headed over to the offices and within no time at all most of the staff ended up in the "dorm room" (Jay and Tyler's office).

Then somehow... 30 minutes later we were having dinner together at Schmizza. Somehow = Jay's stomach which drives many of our culinary decisions. At least I think it was his stomach's idea.

I love these moments hanging out with one another. It genuinely reminds me of my college experience. So much in common and not common. Men and women together.Caring and Community.

p.s. shameless plug... For more information on how you can get involved visit http://sunsetserves.blogspot.com. Worship ministries is adopting Vernonia! Join us!!

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