Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beach Scrapbook

We're home from the beach.
Here are some of my favorite candid photos from the trip!
There are alot of prettier ones, but these make me smile the most...

Classic Abby at the beach, grin and sweatshirt (she inherited the Brandt porcelain skin)

Classic Molly at the beach, laying out- photo by Abby (i loved the composition including the flip flops)

Classic Chris... cheese. He was a block of Tillamook cheese for Halloween in grade school and has converted all his Rice roomies.

While we were there we produced a Great Gatsby trailer for Abby's homework project. Love this picture of us fascinated with our own footage :-)

Captures the Fraser kid spirit... LOVE Molly laughing at Abby

Don't often get the three of them together anymore...


Stephanie said...

LOVE the pictures!! Glad you had a nice time away with the WHOLE family! Time treasured, I am sure!


Anonymous said...

Great pics! I'm sooo glad you had great weather too!

- Jos

Melinda said...

A month earlier at the beach and you would have had snow! What a contrast!

I agree with you. Abby did a top notch composition.

It must have been fun doing the video. (my)Michael and friends are often doing their own film shorts. I am going to miss that happening on a regular basis!