Monday, April 28, 2008

Lord, Save us From Your Followers

Last night a group of us from Sunset went to see a documentary produced by a local filmmaker, Lord, Save us From Your Followers.

After the movie our group had dessert and we shared around the table what we thought about the movie. This was interesting, to hear people process what they had seen, ask questions, share what was stirred in them, wonder about the potential for impact a movie like this could have.

I was really challenged by the content of the movie. I live in such a bubble, between family and ministry I don't get out much. I know this isn't what Jesus had in mind for the church or for me. I know his plan was for us to be in relationship with those who don't know God, showing them love, showing up. It also stoked the belief in me that we can use media to move people toward God.

I talked to the exec producer and he said that they'd screen the movie and come in for a Q & A- we're looking in to that opportunity. I'd love to make it available to Sunset.

Tyler posted a GREAT blog so I won't go in to alot of detail on the content- check it out. ;

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tyler said...

i'll have to give you a "blogger tutorial" sometime. I know a lot of its ins/outs since I used it for 5 months.

thanks for the link. i'm excited to see what 2 guys with an idea can do with no money when people get behind it.