Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Birthday Gift

I will never forget my 44th birthday.
Because why?
Because of where it was spent and the gift I received.

This weekend we lost a dear family friend.
Scott leaves, for now, his wife and 4 kids who we adore.

Yesterday I spent the day at their home, crying, hugging, receiving kisses, listening to the sound of grief, shopping, doing laundry and getting my butt kicked playing “around the world” over and over again.
I could fill a scrapbook with the things I witnessed yesterday.

What comes to mind first is the brutal beauty of a broken heart.
The fingerprints of a father on his children.
Friendship that is like family.

But this post is about today and the gift I received from my home church family.
Because I work at our church, I rarely get to come to church.
But today- was special. I had very few responsibilities in the morning and was able to be in church, rather than work.

I want to remember the moments, the glimpses of love that I saw today… so I’m scribing them here.

Tres, sitting in the sanctuary when I arrived.
Regina singing Revelation Song in the warm-up (I came undone).
William standing with his arm around Ben during the service, instead of at his kit.
Jay’s tribute to Holly’s faith and declaring for all of us… that “it is well with my soul.” His conviction made me believe it could be true.
Barbara throwing out her message and used the Word to help me understand the beauty of my design as a Martha” and that Jesus loves Martha/Janet.
The comfort washing over me of Bob’s voice on Rescue
Being hugged by the 2/3 of the Schroeder women
The way the crew served with excellence and I had absolutely nothing to worry or think about.
Kathy proactively switching gears on message graphics.
Travis’ constant encouragement and desire to give me a much needed break.
Laura sitting in the eleventh hour and then back to lead the 5pm, sitting on the edge of the stage- talking to our church family.
Carolyn and Dania without training wheels.
Looking around the room from a normal seat- seeing so many dear friends.
Knowing. Knowing the band was playing hurting.
What a gift.
What an amazing gift to be ministered to, to be reminded that God is sovereign, that He loved us more even than we love Holly and the kids, that I was in a sanctuary where I could just be… sobbing through worship, holding on tightly to my family, and to be affirmed and challenged how we can get up tomorrow and in turn minister to Holly and the kids.

So to my dear church family- thank you so much for what will likely be my new answer to the best gift I’ve ever received. The church being the church.


Tyler said...

what a great post janet.

happy birthday. hope you enjoyed my semi-present :)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put. What else is there to do, but give and take? Happy birthday again, dear. -K-

Melinda said...

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Janet. Loving on you. I'm so happy I could have my "training wheels taken off". There was no where else I wanted to be yesterday morning then serving God and the church with everyone.

Traci said...

I liked getting to sit next to you, hear and share laughter with you on Barb's perfect it was! I love you and am thankful for what you do. SOOOO glad you received so many gifts yesterday!!

Jenni Clayville said...

i love you... and i, for one, will always ALWAYS be thankful you were born 29 years ago.

you bless me more than you could ever know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janet for sharing this. Yesterday, all the things you mentioned as well as what you did/where you were on Sat., these are all the things that are the "why" of showing up week after week. It's what "community", koininia, are all about, life as it is, not as we want it to be.
Debbie Stewart

Dave said...

What a great is a perspective normally denied those who work full time doing "church". Glad you got the opportunity to look through the mirror from the other side. Blessings on you.....